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Whenever I try to order online, my shopping cart mysteriously empties itself before I can pay for the items !


This is not as strange as it sounds. when you finally finish with your purchasing and go to check out, it is vitally important that ALL fields in the address section are completed, the only one you can miss out is the box for your fax number. Likewise, the Shipping information panel, alongside the Billing panel, must also be filled out completely. If you want the goods delivered to the same address as the Billing info, then simply check the box above Shipping Details, all the Billing info will be automatically transferred across. If you want your delivery to a different address than that used in the Billing section, then you must fill in the details yourself, again, taking care not to omit any fields other than Fax No.

Failure to fill in any boxes, other than the Fax No. box, will automatically empty your cart as you enter the secure part of the site.

I hope this answers any questions regarding shopping carts mysteriously emptying !