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How do I start using DURAGLOSS ?


Firstly, you need to wash the vehicle over to get rid of traffic film and dust etc., there is no point in trapping all the nasties under you first coat of DURAGLOSS.

Once the vehicle is clean, then you need to remove any existing waxes or coatings that may be on the paintwork. For lightly soiled or relatively new paintwork,  you can use the DURAGLOSS 101 Polish/Cleaner, this gently dissolves off waxes and adds the first base coat of DURAGLOSS polish at the same time.

For a more in-depth clean, then we suggest using DURAGLOSS 652 Pre-Cleaner, which is a chemical formula that dissolves rather than abrades, any existing coatings off the paintwork.

Once this is applied and buffed off, then a coat of the DURAGLOSS 111 Clear Coat Polish is applied and gently wiped off. Once you have one coat of polish on, then in future, it is only neccessary to wash the car over before applying another coat of polish. Because DURAGLOSS 101 and 111 polishes contain no wax, you never get a build up on the surface, you can apply as many coats as you like and the shine will just get deeper and wetter looking. You never need to cut back layers and start again like you do with most waxes.

For an even deeper shine, why not try a coat of DURAGLOSS 105 Total Performance Polish over the top of 101 or 111, this will really bring out the hidden depths in your paintwork and again, can be applied as often as you wish.