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Preview by Thumbshots BMW land, the UKs premier BMW owners forum
THE site to use if you are a BMW owner and need to know what's happening and when! Or if you just want to meet like minded owners for a chat or to get any queries answered !This is THE site to belong to, for offers, parts,products and information. JOIN NOW !

The forums Wash and wax section is sponsored by us here at CCS/DURAGLOSS UK

Added: 15/12/2007 - Visited 5510 times   
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Preview by Thumbshots Mobile Valeters Forum
A very useful froum for the professional valeter and detailer.

Added: 28/11/2006 - Visited 5371 times   
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Preview by Thumbshots The British Valeters Forum
A site for UK based valeters to share ideas and tips and can also be used by the general public to find information about valeters/detailers.

Added: 28/11/2006 - Visited 4941 times   
3.50    Total Votes: 16    Rate This Site

Preview by Thumbshots The Car Care Forum
A useful forum for anybody to find hints, tips and general information about valeters/detailers,car cleaning info, product info and other information about keeping their car in pristine condition.

Added: 28/11/2006 - Visited 5138 times   
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Preview by Thumbshots UK & European Duragloss users forum
A forum run by Authorised Detailers and Duragloss staff, where comments, ideas and questions about the Duragloss range and its uses, can be found

Added: 28/11/2006 - Visited 5495 times   
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