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Number Of Ratings : 13
Great EASY to USE product 
Reviewed By:Rash From Midlands
Very easy to apply on a wet or dry surface. Lovely tropical smell, very good coverage and the results will leave you smiling. It takes less than 5 mins to protect and enhance the shine on your car. Perfect for applying straight after washing your car in winter. I personally observed the shine get even better after a day or two had passed.
Rash's Rating: 
Reviewed By:Fordman From East Anglia
This is so easy to use and gives such an amazing finish, I just don't know how Duragloss do it !You have to see it in action to belive it !!!!
Fordman's Rating: 
First class! 
Reviewed By:vicky rolph From peterborough
Absolutley fantastic product, great as a booster to enhance your wax to last longer, cannot be without now! love it!
vicky rolph's Rating: 
The real treat is the following morning 
Reviewed By:Adrian Hilder From Hampshire UK
This is the answer for a quick easy streak free finish when towel drying your car, not neccessary to get it bone dry to acheive this. Get up the next morning and you'll see a very shiney car on the drive. Especially good on dark coloured cars.
Adrian Hilder's Rating: 
Reviewed By:Martin From Somerset
Used Aquawax for the first time this week- I've never seen results like this from any other product that's this easy to use. Absolutely fabulous shine.
Martin's Rating: 
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