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Plush MicroFiber Drying Towel
Availability: Out of Stock
Number Of Ratings : 6
Possibly the best drying towel I've used! 
Reviewed By:Nigel From South Wales
Thought I'd try this, based on some of the reviews here. This IS the best drying towel I've ever used, been washing cars for 35 yrs, and tried a number of cheap, and exepsnive ones in the past
Nigel's Rating: 
What is it ? 
Reviewed By:Fordman From East Anglia
This is the best microfibre towel I have evr seen or used. I cna't really believe it is mircrofibre ! I've been using one for a couple of months now and the finish you get with this is even more un-beleivable than I ever thought possible and it is wahes up brilliantly after use. It just keeps getting better and better ! I am going to order another couple with my next order !
Fordman's Rating: 
amazing product. 
Reviewed By:john smart From scotland
this is almost too good for use on cars, I have never seen anything like it, Im have had to buy a set for my wifes car aswell. Brilliant, our cars seem to polish up shinier just by using these cloths with the Duragloss products.
john smart's Rating: 
The ultimate towel 
Reviewed By:Olli From bmwland , Midlands
Well, over the years I have tried many and nothing compares to this ultra soft and thick super performer. Does the whole car (if not 2) no sweat at all. I sometimes have the impression that my Alpina already dries in awe when I wave the towel at it. Really really excellent product
Olli's Rating: 
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