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Duragloss NSD (Non Silicone Dressing)

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Restores the Lustre and Beauty to vinyl, leather and tires. Body Shop Safe. Contains no silicone.

19 oz


best tyre shine that I've used... 
Reviewed By:Philip From Carter
In the past I've used Autoglyms tyre dressing, Meguiars indurance gloss and the Duragloss product is far better than either of these products. The other two migrate from the tyre on to the wheel when you drive, the Autoglym will wash off reasonably easily, the Meguiars makes a hell of a mess. The Duragloss looks better, doesn't migrate as much as the other two and is easy to wash off the wheel
Philip's Rating: 
Reviewed By:Fordman From East Anglia
I've tried one or two of the Duragloss products now and continue to be amazed at the results I get ! This stuff is the poodles parts ! I use it on tires, interior plastics and loads of other things and the results are startling, to say the least !
Fordman's Rating: 
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